Why Your Child Needs To Be in a Football Academy

Why Your Child Needs To Be in a Football Academy

Millions of children around the world have aspirations of making it to the professional level of
football and while all of these dreams are valid, the harsh truth is that not everyone will get that
In fact, sources estimate that less than 0.5 per cent of footballers actually make it to a
professional level, that is only around 130,000 of the 250 million players in the world are
officially professional-level footballers.
While that daunting statistic admittedly has the potential to discourage, the aim is rather to
encourage and inform you on how to tilt the odds in your favour either as a young footballer or
the parent, guardian or well-wisher of one.

Here are multiple reasons why a football academy like HTT is your best chance of making it pro
or even opening up other opportunities and building your skills and character if you don’t.

Structured Training: Football academies provide a structured and organized training
environment. Coaches typically follow a curriculum designed to cover all aspects of the game,
including technical skills, tactics, physical fitness, and mental preparation.


Advantages of enrolling with HTT Football Academy

Quality Coaching: HTT can boast of experienced and qualified coaches who can provide
specialized training and guidance.
Such a high level of professional and personalized attention can help players improve faster and
correct any technical or tactical issues.

Access to Facilities: Like most other football academies, HTT has top-notch facilities and such
high-quality equipment and infrastructure are crucial for player development.
Competitive Environment: Being part of an academy means regularly playing against other
talented players. This competition helps players push their boundaries and improve their skills
which could prove useful even beyond football as they learn the true nature of life from a young

Exposure to Scouts and Talent Identification: As earlier mentioned, an academy
environment significantly increases your chances of making it pro as scouts and football
stakeholders are known to spend their time in such environments.
Many professional clubs have partnerships with football academies or closely monitor their
players. This can provide opportunities for talented players to be scouted and potentially signed
by professional clubs.

Education and Development: Beyond just football, the development of young players is
prioritised at HTT, your wards are constantly being educated at a high level such as media
training, financial enlightenment etc, all of these skills prove to be useful down the line.

Mental Toughness: HTT prioritizes mental conditioning, teaching young players how to handle
pressure, setbacks, and the demands of professional football.

Networking: Players at football academies have the opportunity to network with coaches,
former players, and other professionals in the football industry and the same applies to HTT
players as well. These connections can be valuable for future career opportunities in or out of
the game.

Character Development: Beyond football skills, academies often focus on character
development, instilling values such as discipline, teamwork, and sportsmanship.
International Opportunities: HTT’s global presence offers international experiences through
tournaments, exchanges, or training camps in the United Kingdom and Nigeria, giving the
players much-needed exposure at their tender age.

In summary, your best chance of making it to the professional level and fulfilling your football
dream is to start in an academy and why not one with a track record and capabilities to help you
benefit from the above-listed advantages in HTT? Go to the ‘About Us’ page to find out more.

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