How to partner with us.


Become a Brand Partner

In a bid to discover new talent and publicize HTT Academy, we run different physical and virtual market exposure and community outreach programs. Collaborating with trusted brands helps us expand our reach and serve more people.
As a brand partner, your presence will greatly improve our efforts and enhance your brand visibility not just in the communities and cities we visit but across the country and online.



The Discover, Develop and Deploy initiative is designed to help young talents achieve their footballing dreams. As a sponsor, your donations and other forms of support will make this initiative more effective. By partnering with us in this way you will be playing a crucial role in building up future stars while elevating your brand.


Become a Volunteer

If you love working with children and teenagers, you can help HTT achieve its mission by volunteering with us. Volunteers can help improve our community outreach programs, scouting, publicity, liaisons, and other activities. You don’t necessarily have to be a football fan to volunteer with us; We appreciate support of any kind. We would love to develop volunteer partnerships with organizations, religious bodies, community groups, and private individuals.



Partner as a franchise with the HTT as our football business co-operators to a large marketing avenue. The movement of the HTT development scheme also gives credit to its various franchise partners to gain awareness and mutual relationships with a major franchise and city. A step with us, will boost the awareness of our franchise and market its worth and value impartation to the market space as an image of true value through the HTT Academy platform.


Club Collaboration Partnerships

We invite elite and grassroots clubs to collaborate with us in developing young talents. As a collaboration partner, your club gets access to the best developing talents in the countries where HTT operates. This is beneficial for the club’s scouting efforts: as a player’s progress can be followed from a young age, club scouts can better match players to their clubs thereby reducing the likelihood of transfer flops which affects the club financially and stunts the player’s growth.

Want to help us grow?