Develop Them Young

Htt Football Academy

Our Intermidiate program

Developing them young (DTY) is the academy’s strategy for the growth of intermediate-level players. 

Our intermediate program is delivered weekly across multiple venues in London. It features inclusive football training sessions for children aged 8-10 with basic football skills. Players are grouped into either ‘Elite (Team A)’ or ‘Development (Team B) according to their ability. 

Training is structured to position the players for success by improving their understanding of basic football skills and introducing them to more advanced techniques.

We also offer a scholarship option for underprivileged children and others who are eligible. Players on scholarship will participate in a 90-minute training session three times a week as well as in league matches and tournaments.

Benefits of our programs

Htt Football Academy

Your child will Learn new skills

With our weekly classes, we enjoy teaching your child flair and technique that is demanding but fun! Rabona’s, Cryuff turns and elastico’s at the ready!

Htt Football Academy

Your child will build his/her confidence

With a focus on essential 1-2-1 skills in every class, we strive to improve your child’s confidence and willpower to get the very best out of their skillsets.

Htt Football Academy

Your child will make new friends

Your child will find delight in making new friendships outside of school with our group classes. We strive to teach them key social skills such as teamwork, respect, listening, and communication.

Htt Football Academy

Your child will have Fun

HTT Football academy is a passion first academy. Your child will be relaxed whilst enjoying on of their hobbies.


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Htt Football Academy


Everyday participants will play small-sided games, giving them the opportunity to try out new skills and develop confidence.

Htt Football Academy


We offer a safe environment for all young people to develop friendships, on and off the pitch, as part of a community-oriented programme.

Htt Football Academy


We aim to teach our participants the value of healthy lifestyles, through regular exercise, positive mental health and wellbeing and football related workshops.

Htt Football Academy


Bringing together children from a variety of different backgrounds will allow them to meet people they otherwise would not have come into contact with and develop their social skills.