HTT Academy U-10s and U-12s show signs of improvements in league games

HTT Academy U-10s and U-12s show signs of improvements in league games

Another weekend means competition league action is on the menu and HTT Academy was involved in two matches.

HTT Academy under-10s and under-12 each played tough games in conjunction with Dulwich FC which ended in defeats but still showed signs of improvement.

HTT Academy against Long Lane Lions

On Sunday, November 12, HTT Academy/Dulwich faced off against Long Lane Lions and lost 2-0 with two quick goals coming in the early part of the second half.

HTT Academy in a friendly match
HTT Academy in a friendly match

HTT Academy started well, defending as a team with the goalkeeper making some good saves and the attackers creating chances in the first half and the second after the team got composure back.

Coach Matthew gave his perspective on the signs of improvement shown by the team despite the disappointing result.

“The improvement that was shown was the intensity and fight of the players as their strength gave them an advantage in the match at times as well as how they fought for the ball and defended.”

The man of the match was Yunus who put in a valiant display at defensive midfield making tackles and making it hard for the opposition even while injured to the end of the match.

HTT Academy against Dulwich United Red

Conceding an early goal due to lack of concentration was the catalyst for HTT Academy’s 8-0 defeat according to Coach Jeffrey.

“This really hurt the team’s morale as the players began to rush things and forget their principles,” said Coach Jeffrey on the under-12s.

HTT Academy UK
HTT Academy UK

The main reason for the 8-0 loss though was the lack of a goalkeeper which the opposition realised and made it their game plan just to shoot at the defender who was functioning as a goalie. As they found early success they continued it throughout the whole game.

The man of the match was Ridwan for always giving his 100% trying his best to motivate his teammates and never stopped running he was a true warrior. He also created HTT Academy’s best chance of the game.

Coach Jeffrey also took some responsibility for the result, “As a coach l also acknowledged the mistake l also made one was not encouraging my players enough. Two l showed them more anger instead of praising them.”

“We are just at the start of our journey as a team there are many more losses to come or l call them lessons as l believe as long as we stick together and we learn from our mistakes as a team we grow and become better.”

That truly embodies the HTT Academy values, preparing the young players for setbacks and how to navigate them when things don’t go their way.

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