HTT Academy is the leading football academy in London

HTT Academy is the leading football academy in London

As the topic of football academies in London goes, HTT Academy leads the way with the Peckham Centre at the forefront of the movement in the capital.

London has a rich history of football with some of the biggest clubs in the world situated in the English capital, chief of which are Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham amongst others.

London boasts some of the most famous football stadiums worldwide, such as Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, and West Ham United’s London Stadium.

These venues attract fans from around the globe and offer unforgettable matchday experiences which in turn inspires lots of youngsters in the capital to want to pursue a career in football.

That is where HTT Academy comes in, providing the youngsters with their first real football education, and equipping them with the required tools to succeed.

HTT Academy in London

The HTT Academy centre in Peckham is at the forefront of the work in the capital, located opposite Peckham Rya Park, opposite The Garden Surgery, London. SE22 9QU.

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Tiger team– £40/month, training frequency: once a week

Lion (A) team– £80/month, training frequency: thrice a week

Lion (B) team– £60/month, training frequency: twice a week

Training days– Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays

Why HTT Academy is the leading academy in London

HTT Academy is renowned for its comprehensive approach to player development and is at the forefront of this transformative journey.

The academy’s vision extends beyond mere technical training; it is about cultivating a deep love for the game, instilling values of teamwork, discipline, and perseverance, and preparing young athletes for success in any walk of life.

HTT Academy’s programs are designed to unlock the full potential of each player, providing a roadmap from grassroots to professional levels within the vibrant landscape of academy football in London.

There are personalised training methodologies, demonstrating HTT Academy’s commitment to excellence.

Players benefit from a curriculum that balances technical skills and tactical, physical, and mental strength, guided by highly qualified coaches.

Advanced technologies and performance analytics further enhance the training experience, allowing for a tailored approach to meet each player’s needs.

How are we different from other football academies in London?

HTT Academy is an international organisation

Unlike other football academies in London, HTT Academy runs an international program across multiple centres in two different countries, England and Nigeria.

This also means that we cater to children of different nationalities and upbringings as sports is the unifier and the common ground in this situation.

HTT Academy keeps going

HTT Academy has a year-round curriculum that ensures the action never stops and keeps our students engaged with meaningful training to help them achieve their goals.

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