HTT Academy: Impacting lives and nurturing football talent in Peckham

HTT Academy: Impacting lives and nurturing football talent in Peckham

HTT Academy is one of the leading football academies in Peckham and continues to offer parents and guardians an opportunity to support their children’s football dreams without breaking the bank or being worried about the safety of their wards.

HTT Academy offers aspiring young footballers in the Peckham area the chance to chase their dreams under the best possible conditions.

Help The Talent as the name implies, is designed to help young players grow and develop into all they can be both on and off the pitch.

How to be part of HTT Academy

Book your FREE football session today by choosing a venue closest to you and booking a free trial. After you attend your trial, you will be invited on to book for the remainder of the term and will receive your Pro Elite football kit!


Tiger team– £40/month, training frequency: once a week

HTT Academy is the leading football academy in Peckham
HTT Academy is the leading football academy in Peckham

Lion (A) team– £80/month, training frequency: thrice a week

Lion (B) team– £60/month, training frequency: twice a week

Training days– Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays

Where is HTT Academy located?

HTT Academy is currently based in two countries; Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

The UK Address: Peckham Center, located opposite Peckham Rya Park, opposite The Garden Surgery, London. SE22 9QU.

Why your child needs to join HTT Academy in Peckham

Enrol your child in our program and witness remarkable improvements in both their football abilities and life skills. Led by some of the nation’s most esteemed coaches, we guarantee top-tier instruction that fosters growth and development.

Here’s what your child can expect to gain:

Pathway to Professional Football: HTT Academy provides talented players with a pathway to professional football, serving as a talent pipeline, nurturing young players and preparing them for the demands of professional football.

Confidence Building: Our curriculum focuses on mastering 1-2 core skills per class, leading to rapid boosts in confidence. Watch as your child grows more assured with each session.

Acquiring New Skills: In our weekly classes, your child will be introduced to a plethora of novel skills that are as challenging as they are enjoyable. They’ll eagerly anticipate showcasing their newfound abilities to their peers.

Friendship and Social Skills: Through our group sessions, your child will forge new friendships and expand their social circles. They’ll also develop vital social competencies such as respect, teamwork, active listening, and effective communication.

Fun and Enjoyment: What could be more thrilling for a football enthusiast than learning fresh techniques and engaging in matches set to the lively rhythms of samba music? Our classes are designed to leave your child exhilarated and content after each session.

Enroll your child today and let us ignite their passion for football while equipping them with invaluable life skills that extend far beyond the pitch.

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