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Htt Football Academy

We provide expert football coaching for children aged 4-12 years old. Our team of specialist coaches are on board to offer professional training for children of all abilities. The aim is for children to fall in love with the game, keep active, learn new skills and fulfil their potential as top players.

Our coaching model puts children’s development at the forefront of everything we do, focusing on their growth and confidence. We work with them to improve more than just their football skills; it’s about building their self-esteem, learning to work as a team and improving their decision-making. Each of our sessions includes four key attributes, vital for a young player’s development: social, psychological, physical and technical. Located in four different branches across London, our academy is growing rapidly, to inspire children to join the game.

Htt Football Academy

Holiday Camps

If your child loves all things football or is looking for a new activity during the holidays to keep active, join one of our holiday camps today – and immerse them into the world of football.

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