5 Football Drills for Young Footballers

5 Football Drills for Young Footballers

Football drills for young footballers
Football drills for young footballers at Eltham – HTT Academy UK


In the world of football, practice isn’t just about playing; it’s about honing skills that make all the difference on the field.

For young footballers, regular practice is the pathway to mastering the game.

Football drills play a crucial role in this journey, offering structured exercises designed to sharpen specific skills.

These drills go from dribbling with finesse, making precise passes, and also defending with determination – these drills not only enhance technique but also builds discipline and confidence.


HTT Academy UK, Football drills for players


Football drills are more than just routines; they are the building blocks of a player’s development.

By focusing on fundamental skills like dribbling, passing, shooting, defense, and ball control, young football players can prepare for the dynamic challenges of the game.



In this post, we’ll explore 5 drills and how these exercises cultivate talent, build teamwork, and pave the way for success on the pitch.


Drill 1: Dribbling Drills


Football Drill and training session at Eltham, UK
Football Drill and training session at HTT Academy, Eltham, UK


Dribbling is like dancing with the ball at your feet, which is crucial for every footballer.

It’s about moving smoothly past opponents while keeping control. Mastering dribbling builds confidence and agility, which is essential for playing positions like forwards or midfielders.




Htt Football Academy


  • Cone Dribbling:

Set up cones in a line and practice weaving through them, keeping the ball close.


How does this help?:

It improves close control and changes of direction, which is essential for evading defenders.


  • Dribble and Turn:

Dribble towards a cone, make a sharp turn, then accelerate to the next cone.


Htt Football Academy


How does this help?:

It enhances agility and turning ability, which are vital for quick changes in play.

  • Zigzag Dribbling:

Arrange cones in a zigzag pattern and dribble in and out of them at speed.


How does this help?:

It develops an ability to dribble under pressure and improves ball control in tight spaces.


Drill 2: Passing Drills


football drill training at HTT Academy


Passing is the heartbeat of football, connecting players and creating scoring opportunities.

Mastering accurate passing ensures smooth teamwork and effective ball movement across the field, critical for all positions.


passing skills- Football drills for young footballers
young players taken through football drills during training session



  • Short Passing:

Pair up with a teammate and practice passing the ball back and forth over short distances, focusing on accuracy and control.


How does this help?

It enhances quick decision-making and ball control in tight spaces.

  • Long Passing:

Set targets at varying distances and practice hitting them with accurate long passes.


How does this help?

It improves vision and technique for distributing the ball over longer distances.

  • Pass and Move:

Pass the ball and immediately move to receive it back from a teammate, then pass again to another teammate in a continuous sequence.


How does this help?

It teaches players to move into space after passing – it promotes team fluidity and positional awareness.


Drill 3: Shooting Drills


Football drill at a football academy
Football Drills at HTT Academy, Eltham, London


Shooting is a crucial skill in football, where precision and timing can make all the difference between winning and losing.

Mastering shooting techniques enhances a player’s ability to score goals and help turn opportunities into successes on the field.




  • Shooting Accuracy:

Set up targets such as cones or goals and practice shooting to hit specific spots consistently.


How does this help?:

It improves aim and control over shots, a crucial technique for placing the ball past the goalkeeper.


  • Shooting Under Pressure:

Simulate game scenarios with defenders or obstacles to practice shooting while under pressure.


Htt Football Academy


How does this help?:

It enhances composure and decision-making in competitive situations.


  • Finishing Drills:

Focus on completing goal-scoring opportunities with drills that simulate various angles and distances from the goal.


How does this help?:

It refines instinctive reactions and techniques for scoring goals in real-game situations.


Drill 4: Ball Control Drills


Htt Football Academy


Ball control is fundamental for every footballer; this enable them to maintain possession, dribble effectively, and execute passes and shots with precision.

Developing strong ball control skills enhances a player’s overall performance on the field.



  • Stationary Control:

Practice trapping and controlling the ball while stationary, focusing on using different parts of the foot (inside, outside, sole).


Htt Football Academy


How does this help?:

It improves touch and control, essential for retaining possession and setting up plays.


  • Moving Control:

Perform drills that involve dribbling at various speeds while maintaining close control of the ball.


How does this help?:

It enhances agility and coordination, crucial for manoeuvring past opponents during gameplay.


  • Passing and Receiving:

Pair up with a teammate for passing and receiving drills, emphasizing quick and accurate ball control in tight spaces.


How does this help?:

It improves teamwork and the ability to link up play effectively during matches.


Drill 5: Defensive Drills


football drills during training for young players
defensive skills practiced – a football drill in training


Solid defensive skills are crucial in football as they ensure the team’s ability to prevent goals and regain possession.

These skills involve tackling, marking, and one-on-one defending, all which are essential for a robust defensive strategy.



  • Tackling Technique:

Practice proper tackling form, emphasizing timing, technique, and safety.


tackling skills  - football drills
Tackling skills practiced during training – football drills


How does this help?:

Develops the ability to win the ball cleanly and decisively without fouling.

  • Marking Drills:

Work on positioning and awareness, focusing on staying close to opponents and tracking their movements.


How does this help?:

It enhances defensive positioning and the ability to deny opponents’ space.

  • One-on-One Defending:

Engage in drills that simulate one-on-one situations, emphasizing containment and forcing opponents into less advantageous positions.


How does this help?:

It improves the ability to defend against skilled attackers effectively.


Htt Football Academy




In conclusion, regular practice of these football drills not only enhances technical skills but also builds confidence and prepares young footballers for competitive play.

So, for both players aspiring to join HTT Academy and any other football program, mastering these fundamental drills lays a solid foundation for future success on the pitch.

Remember, consistency and dedication are key to achieving your footballing goals. Keep practicing, stay focused, and enjoy the journey of becoming a skilled football player!

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