Football Birthday Parties in London for kids aged 4-12

Whether they’re hosting or attending one, every kid loves a good birthday party. And with good reason, too! They feature fun games, music, refreshments, and much more. What’s not to love?

Are you Losing sleep trying to plan your child’s big day? Leave it to us.

HTT brings unlimited fun with our football birthday parties: Think interactive games, quizzes, five-a-side kickabout, skills showcase, and all kinds of football-based entertainment.

Our unique range of football-themed events and parties is guaranteed to provide an unforgettable birthday experience for your child and their guests. Learn more below

Parties are an avenue to relax and have fun; Ours is not an exception. We make your birthday party awesome with lively coaches and activities designed to keep your guests buzzing.

It’s an opportunity for your kids and their friends to get together and enjoy their mutual love of football in a fun-filled atmosphere.

Our expert coaches will bring the energy needed to make your party one to remember. Our football party experience is one guests will keep talking about for days.

Why Book a Football Birthday Party with HTT Academy?

Htt Football Academy

Unforgettable fun

Parties are all about fun. Ours include interactive games, lively coaches and activities to guarantee your child is happy all day.

Htt Football Academy

Group Interaction

It’s an opportunity for a combination of individuals to get together from beginners to experts and enjoy the mutual love of football.

Htt Football Academy

Experienced Coaches

Our expert coaches will bring the energy to the party of the year. Whether it’s your child
or grandchild, they will guarantee you an unforgettable experience.

Htt Football Academy

Personalized For Your Child

Your child’s day deserves to be all about them. We offer packages which include branded invitations and football certificates – to ensure they can enjoy a special event. Football Birthday Parties FAQs

Football Birthday Parties FAQs

If you’re new to football parties and have no idea where to begin, our FAQS make things easier.

What do children’s football birthday parties include?

We’ve mastered planning a winning football party – perfect for the football star your child is. Our football birthday party includes the following:

  • Expert and enthusiastic soccer coaches
  • Entertaining children’s music
  • Ball mastery skill workshops
  • Selection of fun ball games
  • A football tournament
  • Exciting team challenges


Htt Football Academy
Htt Football Academy

Where do children’s football parties take place?

With HTT in control, organizing your child’s football birthday party is stress-free. Whether you’d like it in your local park or a nearby venue, we can help you find the perfect location. Our football party events take place in South and East London.

Who will run the children’s football birthday party?

The top priority in our training and events

is the satisfaction, safety, and happiness of the kids. Our team of coaches will organize their birthday party with this in mind. We have an array of interactive games and activities designed to help your child shine on their big day. 


Htt Football Academy


Are you ready to plan the best football party ever?