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Looking for a fulfilling and financially rewarding London-based football coaching job? You’ve come to the right place!

At HTT Academy, we create an enabling environment for you to showcase your coaching skills. If you’re looking to help young athletes develop their football talent while upgrading your coaching skills, then look no further!

When you join HTT, we welcome you as a part of our football family. We see to it that our coaches develop their skills to the highest standards by offering them the relevant training and support they need to build future stars.

If you have the qualities to make a positive impact as a member of our coaching team and are looking for opportunities for personal and professional growth, we can’t wait to hear from you!

Benefits Of Working With HTT Football Academy

Htt Football Academy

Competitive Rates

We provide our coaches with competitive salaries in comparison to other football coaching companies. We currently have two coaching positions available, offering a wage range of £14-£18 per hour.

Htt Football Academy

Training & Support

We are dedicated to ensuring that you can perform at your best as a coach. In pursuit of that goal, we ensure that all coaches undergo thorough training through our Coach Education programme. Additionally, you will receive ongoing mentorship and support, enabling you to coach with confidence and excel in your role.

Htt Football Academy

Pre-made Session Plans

When you train with HTT Football Academy, you will gain access to our coaching syllabus, which includes comprehensive lesson plans and videos. This saves you a significant amount of time that would otherwise be spent on creating your own session plans.

Htt Football Academy


We don’t teach conventional football. Therefore, if you’re open to embracing a new challenge, you will delight in learning and teaching a distinctive style of football that is enjoyable for all.


Securing a football coaching position at Htt Football Academy involves three simple steps. We have outlined them below to ensure a seamless process for you.


Phone Interview

The initial stage in your journey towards a football coaching job is to undergo a telephone interview with us.

Upon completion of the application form located at the bottom of this page, and provided you meet the eligibility criteria, a member of our recruitment team will reach out to you within 48 hours.

During this telephone interview, we may inquire about your coaching experience, playing background, qualifications, and availability.

Moreover, the phone interview presents an excellent opportunity for you to seek clarification by asking any questions you may have regarding the role.

Phase 1: Can you do the skills?

At Htt Football Academy, we specialize in teaching children the Brazilian approach to playing football, which encompasses a wide range of ball mastery skills and essential 1v1 moves.

It is absolutely crucial that you possess the ability to perform these skills. Just imagine receiving instructions from a gym trainer who struggles with each workout. It wouldn’t inspire much confidence, would it? The same principle applies to football coaching. As a coach, you are required to demonstrate skills to your students regularly, so it is essential that you know how to perform them.

Therefore, if you successfully pass the phone interview, we will extend an invitation to a skills assessment. During this assessment, one of our lead trainers will showcase 15 skills from our coaching syllabus, and you will be expected to replicate them.

Please don’t be discouraged by this prospect! The skills we assess are not overly complex. After all, our target age group is 4-11-year-olds!

Htt Football Academy

Phase 2: Can you coach?

During the last stage of our coach recruitment process, we evaluate your coaching aptitude. You will receive an invitation to lead a complete session in one of our classes.

In preparation for the assessment, we will supply you with a session plan beforehand, allowing you time to get ready. Our primary focus areas include your clear communication skills, your tone and enthusiasm, as well as your ability to effectively demonstrate skills.

Htt Football Academy


We’re excited to hear from you! However please read our eligibility criteria. You must meet these requirements before you can apply as it will give you the best chance of being selected.

The football coaching position you are applying for is either for the role as a Lead Coach or a Head Coach. Both roles will involve you delivering football classes for children between the ages of 4 and 11 years according to our coaching syllabus and in-line with the schools playing philosophy.


• Minimum FA Level 1 Football Coaching License (Required)

• Driving License (Preferred)

• DBS Certificate (Required)

• First Aid at Work (Required)


• 2 Years of experience working with children between 4 and 11 years (Required)

• 2 or more years playing experience (Required)


• Must speak fluent English (Required)

• Must live in London (Required)

• Punctuality and Reliability (Required)

• Confidence and enthusiasm (Required)

• Must have a passion for football (Required)

Key Responsibilities:

• To deliver classes in accordance with our coaching syllabus

• To carry out safety checks before each session

• To completing administration responsibilities after each class

Htt Football Academy


Like what you hear? If you meet our eligibility criteria, then we’d love to hear from you. Fill out the form below and a member of our recruitment team will get in touch with you. Good luck!

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