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Our Academy

Backed by a team of FA Certified coaches with over 20 years experience of working with major football clubs, we provide a top-tier level of expertise in everything we do. We provide expert teaching and resources for your football-certified qualifications. Following the success of our coaching programme, you’ll be in the position to pursue a career in different areas of football including coaching, refereeing and playing.

Off the pitch

Our off-the-pitch college programme is delivered at the leading college in Camden, Haverstock School. This joint programme offers full-time football education alongside many other subjects including Maths, English, Performing Arts, Business and Engineering, and many more. Haverstock School offers a wide range of courses designed to make you future-ready. Their programmes provide you with lifelong skills to help develop a strong work ethic. And, with a dedicated team on board – they’ll be with you along the way to reach your full potential off-pitch.

On the pitch

Our on-pitch programme runs alongside our off-pitch programme, an education pathway and is delivered by Bloomsbury Football’s highly-qualified coaches daily with access to a professional football programme. This includes a Sports Science department, an analysis department providing individual and team analysis, both pre-and post-game, as well as a team of coaches with experience working globally.

As well as 3-weekly training sessions and weekly daytime fixtures, all students will receive the opportunity to obtain discounted referee certifications, coaching mentorship in the Playmaker course and FA level 1, and the chance to gain work experience from top London football organisations. Upon completion of the course, students have the opportunity to link with top universities, higher education programmes and scholarship opportunities.

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