About Us

Our Story

HTT Football Academy was launched in 2020 by Sam Ojo. Like millions of kids around the world, lack of resources, support, and opportunities forced Sam to abandon his childhood dream of becoming a successful footballer. This experience informed Sam’s decision to dedicate his knowledge and skills to helping young athletes pursue their dreams. In 1990, Sam sold off his hospitality company and set up HTT Academy. Since then/Today, HTT has discovered and developed countless talents some of which have become elite players at the country’s top football clubs, living the dream Sam couldn’t.  

Football schools in London – changing the way your child plays football.

Football schools in London

We believe in the all-round development of young players on and off the pitch. We don’t only train players to be better footballers, we help them become better human beings. Our activities aim to develop social skills and promote equality while preparing young players for sporting excellence. We emphasize healthy eating habits and regular exercise as ways to keep players physically and mentally fit. 

Why HTT?

Good question.

We are fully committed to the development of kids in our care. all coaches and team members at the academy receive thorough training on working with children. We ensure that the kids have a safe and secure environment to express their passion for the game. 


Our strategy is to work with each child to identify their strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan to help them be the best they can be. Beyond individual ability, we also work to foster a team mentality in the kids. Above all, we aim to improve the player’s confidence, work rate, and determination. These are crucial ingredients for elite success. 


Our style of Play

At HTT, we do not compromise on your child’s safety. In addition to regular risk assessments, our coaches and venue staff are trained to ensure each child’s needs are met before they begin any activities. We strive to make each child comfortable by creating a friendly atmosphere where they feel at home.   

What makes us different?

We take pride in the work we do and conduct our activities with care and commitment. We foster an environment of passion, fun, and learning for the children to immerse themselves in. 

Htt Football Academy

Unique Skills Ball

We use smaller weighted skill balls during play to ensure it’s closer to the ground and to help your child with their core movements and sharpen their skills.

Htt Football Academy

Quality instruction

With our team of knowledgeable coaches, our training covers all aspects of the game: technical, physical, and psychological. 

Htt Football Academy

Levels offered

We train players across a wide range of skill levels from beginner through to elite, with specific goals in each category tailored to each child’s potential.


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