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Htt Football Academy

We provide expert football coaching for children aged 4-12 years old. Our team of specialist coaches are on board to offer professional training for children of all abilities. The aim is for children to fall in love with the game, keep active, learn new skills and fulfil their potential as top players.


Htt Football Academy


Htt Football Academy

If your child loves all things football or is looking for a new activity during the holidays to keep active, join one of our holiday camps today – and immerse them into the world of football.

Our students in action


Our focus is player development. At HTT, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to live their dream and be a part of something big. This is why we’re committed to helping every student with the best chance of success, teaching them how they can achieve academically and physically. Every child deserves the power to live their dream.


Player Centred Philosophy

We focus on the player. Every student is offered the same review process in three different areas of football to help determine their strengths and weaknesses, and what we need to focus on to support their development.


Fostering Football Intelligence

Developing football intelligence in our players is crucial. It helps them make the right decisions on the ball, where to position themselves, and generally to be more self-aware on the pitch. The strength in these abilities helps our students work towards becoming all-rounded players.


Raising Remarkable Individuals

Our vision is to ensure we give our students every opportunity with the best possible training and experience, to help them flourish toward their goals. The sky is the limit at

HTT Academy.

Our Locations

Whether your child is interested in football or wants a new hobby, book a free football training session at any of our centres around London near you.